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    Thoughts At 19

    In honor of my twentieth birthday and my teen years finally being over,  I wanted to write a post reflecting on where my mind was as a nineteen year old.  I believe that mental health is so important and if you can take a hold of your thoughts and think positive thoughts then you can live a content and fulfilled life.

    Being an introvert, I’m always in my thoughts.   Whether I’m thinking about what the latest Scandal episode I just watched or my to-do-list, there’s always something going on up there.  There are days that my thoughts keep me up at night.  At times I go really deep and other times I’m just thinking about the next vegan thing I’ll put in my stomach.  By focusing on my thoughts, I allow myself to become more self aware.  Here are the recurring thoughts I had as a nineteen year old:


    Does life just keep getting harder?

    Apparently is does, but there’s beauty to life at every stage, honestly.

    Everything was so much simpler when I was young

    The hardest thing I had to color inside the lines, but everything get complicated as you grow older.  Nonetheless, I leaning to manage all by the grace of God.

    How much is it?
    Because I’m getting older, I have to start trying to provide for myself. Mum and Dad can’t buy me new jeans or that designer handbag I really want, not that they that any of that to begin with.

    Is it vegan?

    Back in March 2016, I adopted a vegan diet, that means all I can eat is grass.  Prior to being vegan I would never look at labels.  Now before I put anything in my tummy i make sure I have a sense of what’s in it.

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