Back To School: Fall 2017

    School is soon to be back in session and I’m just about ready. I used to dread back to school season, however I’m feeling pretty excited this time around.  I think it has to do with how I’ve personally grown this year, and so I’m looking forward to seeing how that growth will translate over into my school year.





    I’ll be starting my third year of University with the hopes of graduating in the Spring of 2019.  I’m super excited to graduate, but for now I’m just taking it one semester at a time.  This semester, Fall 2017, I’m taking six courses.  It’s going to be a pretty busy semester.   I’ve signed up to take six class for a total of eighteen credits.  I’ll admit that it’s a lot, but I want to take as many classes this Fall semester because for some reason Fall semester always seems to go by fast.    Not only am I taking eighteen credits, but I’m also working a part time job.  Feel free to read more on my job in a recent blog post, My New Job.

    Something different about this semester is that I’ll be a commuter.  In the past I’ve lived on campus and had a roommate, but this time around I’ll be commuting between school, home , and work.  It’s something I’ll have to get used to, but it also means I can do things on my on time and not have to wait around for anyone.  Because of my part-time job, I had to tailor my school schedule to fit my work schedule.  So with that in mind I’m enrolled for three online courses and the remaining three I’ll be taking on campus.  This means I’ll have just three days where I need to physically be on campus for the course.  I’ve also never taken an online course so that’ll be interesting.  I’m not sure if it’ll be harder or easier than the lecture courses.  I’m hoping that the online courses will be easier and will be less time consuming.


    A goal that I always have for every semester is to not procrastinate and just stay on top of my work.  I tend to wait till the last minute to finish an assignment or study for an exam.  I’m really hoping that this semester will be different.  Aside from just hoping, I’m going to make sure to not procrastinate; I really don’t have much of a choice since I’ll be so busy with work, my blog, and possible trying to maintain a social life.  I also want to make straight A’s this semester, but I won’t beat myself up if I don’t.  It’s more important for me to try my best and do the things that I can control which for me means turning assignments in on time and devoting time to reviewing and studying my notes.  As for the rest like the notes I make, I’m won’t stress over.

    Despite the fact that I’m looking forward to classes this semester, saying good bye to Summer  vacation is always a bit sad.  I’ll definitely miss staying up super late to watch Netflix, and  I’ll miss hanging out with old friends from high school.  In these last days of freedom I’ll be hanging out with friends and just enjoying the free time that I have.  And just because school starts soon, it doesn’t’ mean that I can’t still enjoy my time.  I’ll still make time to relax and de-stress.



    The Outfit

    I dressed for a day out on the town.  I went out with some friends and we reminisced on our summer.  It was a pretty warm day so I was happy to wear a summer dress.  I’m a huge fan of off shoulder and bardot style tops and dress.  They really appeal to the feminine side of my style.  I paired the dress with a nude block heel simply because they matched pretty well.  Some brown or black heels would pair well with the dress as well, and for a more casual look, the outfit can be styled with a pair of sandals.






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