A New Year

I don’t believe I’ve ever been so excited about a new year before.  I couldn’t tell you exactly why I’m this excited except for the fact that I’m very hopeful.  I’m looking forward to this new year because I hope to gain a better sense of understanding about what my life will look like for the next couple of years.  I’m getting to the age where it’s no longer a question of “what do you want to be?” but rather “what are you becoming?”

I’ve also never been one to have new year’s resolution, but this time it’s different, I swear.  I have just two new years resolutions, and I’m so serious about them that I’ve already started working towards achieving them.  Number one is to spend more time in God’s presence; now this encompasses lots of things.  Spending time with God means devoting more time to studying His word.  This can be in the form of bible study, fellowship, or simply taking the time out of my day to read his word.  The last option is what I want to do more of.  Spending time with other individuals of the same faith is great, but I’m looking more for personal growth in my walk this year.  I also realize that by fellow-shipping with other Christians they can encourage me and help me to grow, so I will not be neglecting that. Time with God also means prayer.  Being a Christian for seven years now, i know that there are seasons where I pray more than others.  However this year I want to experience a constant growth in my prayer life.  I no longer want it to be a roller coaster ride when it comes to my life of prayer.  Just as Romans 12:12 states, I want to be faithful in prayer. I want more of my prayers to be guided towards seeking the face of God and interceding for others.  Lastly to spend more time with God, I intend to be more of a worshiper.   Being a worshiper includes singing songs of worship as well as songs of praise and just giving thanks.  By spending more time with God, I know that I will be more in tune with his will and plans for my life so that I can make the right decisions.


My second and last goal for 2017, is to build my platform this year.  The first thing I’m dong for this is starting my blog, BrendaLynon.  Starting my own blog is something I’ve wanted to do since my 19th birthday (July 23).  When I turned 19 back in 2016, I wasn’t too happy with everything going on in life so I downloaded the app Any.Do. The app claims to get life under control by being the ultimate app for getting things done.  I sued the app to write down everything I wanted to do by my 20th birthday and then I sort of forgot about it.  However, the fact that I wrote it down and had it in my phone (something I use everyday), there was a constant reminder that I had goals I wanted to accomplish.  Fast-forward to today, I’m working towards having a blog, and I know that my blog will be up and running before my 20th birthday.  Building my platform/brand doesn’t just stop at having a blog; I have a lot of other ideas, but I’m taking it one step at a time.

I’ve  also started planning out my day with a to-do list.  This means allocating time to my relationship with God as well as building by blog.  I find that Netflix and Hulu eats up a lot of time so I’m slowly and painful taking steps to cut the amount of time that goes in to watching Friends, The Following, and other addicting series (seriously I have a whole list of TV series I absolutely love).  Another important thing to do when setting goals is to have a time frame.  Having a time frames will force me to treat it is a deadline, and I cannot stand to miss a deadline.  To be fair I have missed a few personal deadlines, but still. Planning out exactly how I’m going to achieve each goal step-by-step is what will actually allow me to reach my goals.  It’s the little things that count.  I’ve also realized that by blogging about this, I can hold myself more accountable.

This year 2017 is a year of manifestation.  It’s not to say that all my dreams are going to come true this year. Even though I would love for that to happen, it just means I will see physical progress.  Instead of thinking something, I’m going to do something.  Wishful thinking isn’t always a bad thing, it’s what pushes us to act.  This goes without saying, but if we’re wishing for something we want that thing to come to pass.  I’ll have to work really hard this year and do things I’m not exactly comfortable with, but I know that this is what it takes to see the results.  Along with manifestation, I really hope to experience the manifestation of God’s presence in my life.

“I’m getting to the age where it’s no longer a question of “what do you want to be?” but rather “what are you becoming?”

The Outfit

Even though I say all of this, it’s not to say that there won’t be hiccups along the way.  Despite the fact of hardships, I will be going into this new year with confidence.  The outfit consists of a white turtleneck under a white midi dress.   Due to the cold weather I threw on a brown coat from Uniqlo.  Pretty simple but classic.


What do you believe 2017 will be all about?

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