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    Thoughts At 19

    In honor of my twentieth birthday and my teen years finally being over,  I wanted to write a post reflecting on where my mind was as a nineteen year old.  I believe that mental health is so important and if you can take a hold of your thoughts and think positive thoughts then you can live a content and fulfilled life.

    Being an introvert, I’m always in my thoughts.   Whether I’m thinking about what the latest Scandal episode I just watched or my to-do-list, there’s always something going on up there.  There are days that my thoughts keep me up at night.  At times I go really deep and other times I’m just thinking about the next vegan thing I’ll put in my stomach.  By focusing on my thoughts, I allow myself to become more self aware.  Here are the recurring thoughts I had as a nineteen year old:


    Does life just keep getting harder?

    Apparently is does, but there’s beauty to life at every stage, honestly.

    Everything was so much simpler when I was young

    The hardest thing I had to color inside the lines, but everything get complicated as you grow older.  Nonetheless, I leaning to manage all by the grace of God.

    How much is it?
    Because I’m getting older, I have to start trying to provide for myself. Mum and Dad can’t buy me new jeans or that designer handbag I really want, not that they that any of that to begin with.

    Is it vegan?

    Back in March 2016, I adopted a vegan diet, that means all I can eat is grass.  Prior to being vegan I would never look at labels.  Now before I put anything in my tummy i make sure I have a sense of what’s in it.

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    My New Job

    So i got a new job!  I’m really  happy for myself and really grateful for this blessing.  This is definitely a huge life event for me, because this new job is a step in the right direction for my career.  I haven’t had many jobs in my life and didn’t start working until I was 18, which I regret.  Everything is working out just fine, I just think things would have been easier, and I would’ve learned a lot more if I had started working when I was younger, maybe fifteen.  All the other jobs I’ve had in the past have been solely need based.  I need money so I took the job.  This new job however is different.  I sought employment with this company  because it would be a  step in the right direction in regards to my schooling since I’m majoring in accounting.  It’s not about the money, and it’s also not about just having another job.  Funny enough my previous boss offered me more money once I was to leave the company.  I’ll admit I felt like a true adult in that moment.  Evidently enough I still choose to accept the offer with this new company.

    Here’s a bit of a job description.  I’ll be dealing with customers, which I mostly enjoy.   I’ll work directly with individuals to provide them with financial services. I have the responsibility to accurately handle money, which scares me a bit because I know money is a serious topic. Lastly on my job description, I’ll recommend  general financial products or services to customer.

    Time for the big reveal if you haven’t already guessed. For my new job I’m working as a part time teller.   For a more detailed description of what I’ll be doing as a bank teller, I’ll provide account services to customers by receiving deposits and loan payments; cashing checks; issuing savings withdrawals; recording night and mail deposits; selling cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, and series e bonds; answering questions in person or on telephone; referring to other bank services.  So far I’ve completed the two week online course training and the information has all been overwhelming.  The first day on the job, I was able to observe an experienced teller on the job.  I’m looking forward to the day where all this new information will be second nature, and I’ll be just as fast and smooth as the other tellers with handling transaction and interacting with customers.


    As of publishing this blog post, I’ve worked three official days at my branch, and I really like the work environment. I’m really excited to be a part of the team at my new job, everyone seems so lovely!  I was surprised to see that the company has some really strong values which makes it more exciting to be working for the company.  I have all but positive things to say about the company, but that’s only because that been my experience.

    For this blog post I wanted to share a work outfit.  Naturally being into fashion, I thought a lot about what I would wear.  However, this time I really struggled.  For one I wanted to make sure I fit in with my other coworkers.  For example if they’re all wearing lots of color, I too thought I should wear lots of color.  Do the women there wear trousers/slacks or skirts.  These are all questions I had my first two weeks.  So in the end I had to make a decision.  I decided that because I’m new in this professional environment I should compromise my style a bit so I can fit in whereas in my day to day life I’m fine with wearing a dress when everyone is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

    Onto my outfit, I’m wearing a plaid tweed skirt with some green and white lines.  I think this skirt is like the perfect length for the occasion.  I paired with a white pussy bow blouse and black strappy heels.    I’m also carrying a black leather bag for all my work stuff, whatever that is.  Normally I don’t go for black, but I thought in a work setting black always fits in well and pairs really well with almost everything.    Overall I’ve had to compromise a bit with this outfit, but I think it till has a touch of me to it, and I feel comfortable and confident in it.


    A New Year

    I don’t believe I’ve ever been so excited about a new year before.  I couldn’t tell you exactly why I’m this excited except for the fact that I’m very hopeful.  I’m looking forward to this new year because I hope to gain a better sense of understanding about what my life will look like for the next couple of years.  I’m getting to the age where it’s no longer a question of “what do you want to be?” but rather “what are you becoming?”

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